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Welcome to the Selsey Men in Sheds website

Last Updated 07/12/2018

We are Open

Tuesday 10am till 4pm   ~   Thursday 10am till 4pm  ~  Saturday 10am till 2pm

 We are a not for profit group which has developed a group meeting place (SHED) where men can come along and feel at home. A place where they can pursue practical interests and hobbies. The shed offers a space where men can use the tools and resources they need, learn from and help each other and share experiences. We carry out work on community projects, and our own, at our own pace in a safe, friendly and inclusive venue. We hope that men who may feel isolated and are often forgotten in society, can just come along and join in. It surprising what you may have to offer.

At the moment we have facilities for woodwork / metalwork, wood turning, pyrography, some PC skills and wood carving. As the membership grows and other people put forward interest. We hope to become more diverse with our activities.

There is a little golf thing starting between some of the members. (see Stuart or Bob)

We have been asked to do some odd repairs which we have been happy to do. Its a bit like a repair shop where we have people with skills that can often repair or make bespoke objects. See projects for more info.

If you are interested in knowing more please contact info@selsey-men-in-sheds.co.uk

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or just call in and see us.


Woodworking Basics with Steve Ramsey


We now have 28 Members
We are a member of UK Men's Sheds Association